The bang that began 2008

Did I ever mention I broke my foot? I know I complained about crutches being the bane of mankind, but don’t think I mentioned why I was using them. On the first Monday in January, I fell down the steps at work and fractured a bone in my foot. So much for even numbered & leap years being the best. Actually, I’m still not counting the year out. Throughout it all, I’ve maintained a good attitude, kept up with some of my plans and restructured the ones I had to.

I went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday for an update. My foot is healing well, but I could have told you that without the x-rays. I see (or rather feel) improvement just about every day. He said the foot would be swollen for awhile even after it’s healed. I knew that too, because I’d severely sprained my ankle many years before and it was still a bit swollen a couple months after I was up and getting around. He told me I could get out of the boot and start wearing shoes whenever I felt I was ready. Ok. And that I should see him in about 6 weeks. Also ok. Then he said that he only needed to follow-up because this was workman’s comp. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have needed to see me again at all.

Huh?!? I’m still in a boot! And most likely will be for at least a couple more weeks. I can’t believe a doctor would be so flippant. Yeah, I get a follow up with him. But what if I’d done this at home? He’d just let me go off into the wilderness while still somewhat hobbled and never want to see if I fully recovered?? Guess who won’t be getting any referrals from me.


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