Thursday Thirteen #7

T13 beach chairs

Thirteen places I’d like to visit (or revisit)

In no particular order:

  1. London, England (or is “UK” more politically correct?)—one of my 2 favorite cities in the world.
  2. Florence, Italy—the other of my 2 favorite cities in the world, with the added attraction of Italian food.
  3. San Francisco, CA—the place I always wished I was from.
  4. Seattle, WA—My dad was based out of Seattle during WWII and my mom said she begged him to settle there after the war. But for Dad there was no place like Iowa.
  5. Newport, RI—I was stationed there for 4 years and my memories are great.
  6. Machu Picchu, Peru—preferably before I’m too old to hike the Inca Trail.
  7. Hawaii—I’ve never been and I’d like to walk the same streets as Magnum PI and “Dan-o.”
  8. Venice, Italy—yeah, they say it’s dirty, but c’mon, it’s still Venice, and still one of a kind.
  9. Amsterdam—another city of canals. And beautiful jewelry. And a renowned red-light district.
  10. Rio de Janeiro—or some other South American city.
  11. Belize—I’ve wanted to visit ever since I watched “After the Storm” with Benjamin Bratt. It was filmed in Belize and it was absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Antarctica—I always wanted to be stationed there when I was in the Navy. And now they have cruises to the place. If the ship doesn’t sink.
  13. French Riviera—because it’s French; and the Riviera.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #7

  1. Belize is every bit as cool as it looks. I went last April. If you’re interested, I did a bunch of blogs on it. Click on Travel in the catagory window of my sidebar to see them.

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