Friday’s review of Thursday

1. First of all, let’s talk Supernatural, because in my universe there’s nothing more important (and soon, more rare) than a new episode on Thursday night. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” was a great episode, one I definitely need to watch again. And probably again and again. 😉 And holy-foreshadowing, Nuj! Last week Nuj talked about how hot Dean with demon eyes would be. So I started working on an icon for her. And this week? There he is! Demon-eyed-Dean! Will we start calling him DED? Because we all know Dean is so hawt he killz us ded.

2. While in the cafeteria yesterday for lunch, a man behind me saw my boot and said “Please tell me you received that on your time off and not at work.” I looked around, smiled and said, “Nope. I fell down those stairs right there.” Turns out the guy is the safety manager for the place where I work. He didn’t know about my accident because all my workman’s comp paperwork went through the place where I’m employed, which is not my “place of duty.” (It gets even more complicated than that, but I’ll spare you the gory details.) 🙂 He was great. He wanted the details and took my name & number. I told him about how I really don’t like that particular stairwell because the steps all blend into one another. He said that’s precisely the type of thing he needs to know about so that he can do something about it. *facepalm*

3. I had a hell of time with Thursday Thirteen yesterday. First of all, about 90% of the participants use Blogspot, which I can’t access at work. (Ok, so I shouldn’t be blogging at work, I know.) And when I tried commenting on blogs, my reply timed out. And a few choice blogs I wanted to comment at had not updated. Guess it just wasn’t my day for T13.


6 thoughts on “Friday’s review of Thursday

  1. I have to admit last night’s episode left me in a state of squee and flail. First I almost choked when Bela steps into Sam’s erotic dreams – I could just hear the fangirls exploding. But they kept Jared’s clothes on – boo! Again I say boo!

    Bobby’s nightmare was frightening and so sad – but Dean’s cry of “I love you like a father!” gave my heart a lurch. I suspect in some ways he loves Bobby more than he loves John, but that’s something I have to think more about. As Bobby says, all hunters have reasons – this is why he is the expert on exorcism.

    Dean’s nightmare – dear God, Jensen was hitting on both sides of the plate. Dean on Dean (which sounds like someone’s kinky fanfic) but it was both sides of his personality and he nailed it so hard it left dents in my soul. I was on my feet going “Yes! Yes! Yes!” when he shouts “I don’t deserve to go to hell!”

    Uhm – anyone notice the way Sam got tied up in this episode? Oh, hush, I’m talking about the “pose” – did they intentionally mirror a Catholic corpus or did they simply lose the fourth stake? Made my neck prickle.

    Supernatural is pulling a page from anime – creating villans I feel sorry for. They are still a danger to themselves and others, but they’re more simpathetic.

    One final little “wah” at Dean’s so-little-boy “I don’t want to go to hell.” I am almost afraid of next week’s episode.

    Unless of course it turns out as good as this one and it’s Jared making me cry. . .

    One little gripe – they couldn’t have found room for Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare?”

  2. *heee!* I’m so glad you found your way over here! I’m really looking forward to watching the episode again.

    Jensen was amazing, but I expect nothing less from him. I went to see him in “A Few Good Men” last summer. (I used to be a Navy officer & wanted to see him in the same uniform I wore.) 😉 Even though he hadn’t been on stage in 11 years, he absolutely commanded the stage. I knew he was a terrific actor before that, but this made me realize just how natural an actor he is. He gets into a character and becomes the character, and it’s totally natural. I loved the way the two Deans were distinguished. They were both Dean, but oh so different.

    I did notice Sam’s legs, but I just thought it weird. But the stakes in the ground by his hands is what made me think of the crucifix.

    I’m really looking forward to watching the show again. Oops, I already said that. 🙂

  3. Don’t give me credit for foreshadowing! The preview at the end of the MM episode last week had the shot of DED snapping his fingers. It was very quick, but *guh*.

    I said *guh* a lot this episode. 🙂 I agree with pretty much everything Ruth said. Re: Alice Cooper, I betcha they tried, and couldn’t get the rights to the music.

    Careful with the safety guy, G, or he’ll be commandeering you for the safety committee! Or whatever the equivalent would be…

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