Thursday Thirteen #9

I started a blog entry Wed evening (non-T13) but didn’t finish it and saved it to draft. Then I looked at all the draft posts I have and I think I have 13 of the them. So, this week’s T13 is to post the first sentence or two of each draft. I’m going to go in WordPress’ “numerical” order, which is not necessarily chronological order.

Thirteen draft posts I’ve yet to publish

  1. Even though I did a tv show last week [for T13], I’m going to do another one this week. Not because I’m one-dimensional, but because I’d started this quite awhile ago, and I’m not in the mood think up 13 other things just now.
    Geez, and I still haven’t posted it. (BTW, the T13 was is “Thirteen reasons to watch Supernatural.”
  2. I drove into DC yesterday. My niece was in town & we had planned to do lunch together.
    This is a wonderful post about a beautiful day. I thought I had published it, but apparently didn’t. I’ve hesitated posting it because it’s outdated, but it’d make a good “memory” post, so look for it soon.
  3. I have a little under one year until I can retire. So, I’ve been thinking about (and looking forward to) life without work.
    Another early Thursday 13 post titled “Thirteen places I’d consider retiring to.” Just to show you how old it is, I now have only 63 days before I can retire.
  4. Yet another Thursday 13. There’s no “first sentence” because I haven’t written anything except the list.
  5. Just like the previously mentioned post, there’s nothing posted except the list of “Thirteen favorite foods.” (#1 is chocolate.)
  6. I am so bad at wasting precious time playing computer games.
    And yet another T13: “Thirteen things I can do besides play computer games.” I’m up to 11 items.
  7. When I was stationed in Italy, my parents came over for a visit and we toured Europe together.
    Finally, something other than a T13! It’s another great story worthy of being published.
  8. At yesterday morning’s daily update, the briefer presented some information about the communication satellites we use.
    Like list item #2, the post is past it’s prime. But it’ll get posted one day. Maybe when I retire.
  9. The ridiculous to sublime
    (Yes, no punctuation.) T13 listing my 13 favorite movies, but I’m only up to 9.
  10. It’s the “template” of the T13 links and paragraph. I copy & paste it into each T13 because I’m too lazy to type it all in every time.
  11. Good grief! This is the same thing as item #10, except it’s titled “Thursday Thirteen #5.” Looks like I can re-purpose this one.
  12. As I went to sleep on Monday night I realized I had forgotten to watch “Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Terminator (the original) is one of my favorite movies of all time (to be noted someday on a Thursday Thirteen), so I was anxious to see the series.
    Hmmm, I thought I posted this one. Oh, ok. I see this one is different from the one I actually posted, and goes on to talk a little be about The L Word (which I don’t love enough to make it a separate category).
  13. Does anyone know of any software that allows you to post to multiple blogs at one time?
    Hey, it’s the post I mentioned at the start of this entry! The one I didn’t finish and then got sidetracked by T13. I’ve come full circle. 🙂 So, can anyone answer the question? If not, it’ll become it’s very own post. If I do get an answer, I’ll re-purpose the post.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #9

  1. Hi Gailann!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I only have one post stuck in draft limbo: thirteen essential films. I think I got hung up over the arrogance of the word “essential.” “Must-see” isn’t much better. Maybe I should just go for “thirteen favorite movies,” but that’s not quite right, either, since many of these are important but not my favorites! Anyway, I think it’ll stay in draft limbo for a long, long time.

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  3. Wow. I never have draft posts.

    Let’s see, which ones do I want to see?

    1 and 12 ’cause they’re about shows I watch (don’t care that you posted a different T:SCC post).

    3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 ’cause TT is fun.

    2 ’cause somehow, you make anything interesting to read, even boring stuff about the weather. 😉

    13 ’cause it would make my life easier if you discovered the answer, too

    7 because I always like to hear people’s perspectives on other countries

    and 8 because it sounds like something I could use in a book someday (or inspire something I could use in a book someday). 🙂

    You can skip 10 and 11.

  4. It’s feast or famine with me; I’m either on a roll or not lol

    But generally there are few drafts as I can’t wait to blather & post. (Except at CQ — the blog I’ve linked to here — because I am scheduled for certain days only.)

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