Supernatural thoughts

Last night I decided to run a small experiment. Granted, it’s not statistically accurate, seeing as it only had a n of 1, i.e., me. But I believe the results are worth publishing.

In essence, I wanted to see what the Supernatural story arc would have been like had they kept the last 3 episodes in their original order. So, I started with “Dream a Little Dream of Me” mainly because the ending of that episode sets up the beginning of “Jus in Bello.” Some people felt the episodes were out of order because “Mystery Spot” ended up being sandwiched in between finding the Colt missing (end of “Dream..”) and searching for it (beginning of “Jus..”)

My conclusions? The revised order was the way to go.

“Jus in Bello” is what I consider an epic episode, one of those shows in which the series’ “canon” changes course. So it was a fitting finale going into the WGA-imposed hiatus. But in addition, the progression of the brothers’ psyches makes more sense by airing “Mystery Spot” prior to “Jus in Bello.”

At the beginning of MS, Dean’s attitude is cheery and playful, and Sam’s attitude is light enough to appreciate Dean’s silliness. Of course, Sam becomes more and more agitated and desperate as the show progresses; and although things work out in the end, he is worried about the future.

The beginning of “Jus in Bello” has the boys tending to business (at least in the Winchester sense of “business”), trying to find the missing Colt. Things go to hell very quickly, and while Dean is able to continue making his patented wise-cracks, he is scared and nervous. The episode is very serious, and at the very end, the brothers are devastated.

It wouldn’t have made sense for Dean to be all bright & cheery at the beginning of MS, given his utter sadness at the end of JiB. And Sam’s more solemn demeanor in JiB was totally in keeping with his experiences in MS.

So all in all, my research indicates that Kripke and company did the right thing.


One thought on “Supernatural thoughts

  1. Of course, at the beginning of “Jus,” I was thinking how the order change messed up them searching her hotel room (my TiVo description said it was her apartment, which would have fit better) as far as logic goes, but by the time they were talking about sacrificing the virgin, and Sam was okay with it, I’d totally forgotten they changed things. His changes were very much in keeping with what happened in Mystery Spot. And Dean even asked what else he was keeping from him! I, of course, thought of those 3 months without him.

    I suspect that if the writers hadn’t gone on strike, they probably would have done a little bit of rewriting and shooting pickups to fix the discrepancy at the beginning. It was almost like they’d made the decision for later scenes in “Jus” but didn’t get to do their tweaking.

    Good call!

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