March 1st—good day

Today is my favorite day on QVC, Big Bonanza Silver Day. And this is the first year it’s been on a weekend when I’ve actually remembered it. I must admit, I’ve been watching some of it, but haven’t been totally glued to the tv—yet.

This year QVC has competition for my affection from Jewelry Television. Today is their “Silver Showcase.” I think it actually started last night at 8:00 p.m., but I was busy watching episodes of Dark Angel I’d taped from the SciFi channel’s marathon they had on Thursday.

I think I might be safe from spending too much money. My second favorite QVC day is “Creed Silver Strike” which is sometime early in October; I think Oct 2nd. I know this because I was home all day last year, recovering from my sinus surgery. I was worried it would make a dent in my pocket book, but I ended up buying absolutely nothing. There just wasn’t anything I was interested in. Shocking!

So far I’ve haven’t been too tempted by either channel. There are a couple items that have peaked my interest, but they’re either too expensive (for silver) or (if they’re rings) they’re out of my size. That’s good for my pocketbook; especially since the Jewelry Channel did me in when I was home for 2 weeks with my broken foot. (I just paid the bill today. Ouch! And although I did return a couple of the most expensive items, but the refund hasn’t shown up on the bill yet.  Good news for next month, I guess.)


4 thoughts on “March 1st—good day

  1. I could have sworn I posted a comment somewhere in here! Anyway, Gail? IU grad school? Eigenmann? Send me an email if you would!

  2. Hi there Betsy. I’m not sure what happened. I have comments set to be screened if it’s a first-time commenter. (Helps prevent spam.) But I don’t know why they didn’t show up until today. Dang!

    Anyway, yes, I did go to IU 76-77. (At first I thought you meant University of Iowa, which I also attended, but as an undergrad.) But I googled Eigenmann and got Indiana University.

    Is this Betsy the librarian?? (I don’t know if you’ll get notice that I replied, so I’ll send you an e-mail, too.)

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