It’s not a joke any more

I’ve been joking at my LiveJournal website that I’m addicted to making user pics, those little pictures that can posted with each post and comment. (WordPress has gravatars, but you only get 1 [to my knowledge]. LJ gives you a boatload [if you pay for them].

Well, it’s not a joke any more. This week my addiction hit critical mass. While it’s been affecting my personal time for quite awhile now, preventing me from getting certain weekend chores done, this week it affected my work life. I won’t go into the details because it’s much too embarrassing, but suffice it to say I sunk to a new low.

What surprised me was how similar my behavior is to that of an alcoholic or drug abuser. It really affected my mental state.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to pull myself out of the rut I was in. At least for now. But the weekend looms before me. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of my chores done before I sit down at the computer. And when I do sit down, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do those things I need to do first, before I start playing around.


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