The week that I wish wasn’t

This week has been hellish. I had a serious meltdown on Wed. I hadn’t had one in quite a long time, and was trying to figure out what triggered it. I don’t get PMS anymore, so that wasn’t it. The bitchiness of menopause has long since passed. And my happy pills have been working quite well for the past year—I’ve been able to let things roll off my back and not take things personally. But something triggered me to get VERY upset. Well, it was a series of somethings that started on Monday.

Granted, it’s been a very high-tempo, high-stress week, with VIP visitors and super-VIP briefings, very similar to the week I noted here, only worse. And while times like this are stressful, I can usually cope.

I finally figured out what the problem was on Friday. Besides all the high-tempo stuff, it was the first week of daylight savings time. Perhaps my circadian clock is off.

Either that, or I actually cared about what I was doing. I’m going with the daylight savings time, because if I don’t, I’m not sure I’ll make it to retirement.


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