Oh the temptation!

That darned Sue, one of my friends from LiveJournal. Every now and then she tempts me with real estate available in Mason City, Iowa.  Today she spotted not 1, not 2, but 3 lovely homes to dangle in front of me. One is a bungalow, a little smaller than my ideal place (primarily in that it has only 1 bath, and I’d like to have 2), but for the price of the home, I could add another bath!  Then one is in the historic district. It’s beautiful, but probably much too much maintenance for me. The third is a “Prairie School” design, very Arts & Crafts-y, which is possibly one of my favorite styles.

Coupled with what I mentioned yesterday, I really am interested. But I think I’ve come to a reasonable decision. Since my home is not ready for market, I’m going ahead with hiring the organizer. I really need a professional eye to help me out with those very hard decisions. And I have some really major ones. Like what do I do with winter coats I no longer want when they’re out of season? I figure the organizer will have resources to help.

While I won’t be able to make an immediate change, I’ll be able to work a little longer which will 1) give me more time towards retirement, and 2) get me oh so slightly closer to 62, so my cut in retirement pay won’t be quite as large. Plus I’ve learned that interesting homes come on the market all the time. And with Sue scouting for me (she really does have a fabulous eye!), I figure I’m in good hands.


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