I had a new experience last night. I have an intermittent skin condition that initially caused massive itching on my arms and legs. The problem is, it’s very unpredictable. Usually it will subside if I take Benadryl. The condition has now progressed to a feeling that my skin is on fire all over. And if I look at it in the mirror, my skin is red. (And no, it’s not hot flashes.) I haven’t had the problem in a long time (yay), but woke up with it last night. Usually, I can will myself to ignore it & go back to sleep. But I remembered I had some Benedryl in the medicine cablinet, so I got up to take some.  The Benadryl was a new, unopened package.  I got the box open and some water in a glass, but I couldn’t  get the pill out of its individual wrapper.  It wasn’t the usual stubborn package problem.  I was having trouble keeping it in focus and my hands weren’t steady.  The feeling was very, very strange.  I stood for a bit with both hands on the sink. The next thing I knew, I’d fallen over onto the floor. I’m not sure if I fainted, collapsed or fell asleep while standing. I gave up and crawled back into bed without taking the Benadryl and leaving the bathroom light on.
I eventually felt stable enough to go back into the bathroom and take the Benadryl.

In retrospect, I think I may have been experiencing some vertigo. It could be that whatever it was that caused the skin problem also affected the fluid in my inner ear & semi-circular canals. (I used to be an audiologist, so I know about these things.)

I feel better now, but damn, that was a weird experience. Oh yeah, I also have a cut & bruise on my knee from when I collapsed. (Think I hit a drawer-pull on the way down.)  And my upper back, between my shoulder blades, started hurting in the afternoon.  That’s probably where I fell into the door jamb.


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