Today’s the day!

It’s my annual rite of spring. The trees outside my entry are in full bloom, and it’s raining.

two trees

I don’t know what kind of trees they are. They sort of look like cherry trees. And the blossoms look like “double cherry blossoms.” They tend to bloom about 1-2 weeks after the “official” cherry blossoms and keep their blooms for about one week. My neighbor (who knows these things) says they’re almond trees.


Every year, at least once during their week of full bloom, it rains. The wet blossoms are so heavy, they pull the branches down so far that I have to duck when I walk under them. That day is my unofficial rite of spring.

When I left for my hair appointment this morning, the sun was out, but it had been raining. When I got home, it was raining; and had in fact, actually rained fairly hard for a bit. The blossoms were soaked. I had to duck, and I actually hit one with my head.

Welcome, spring! It’s too bad it’s supposed to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow. 😦


One thought on “Today’s the day!

  1. I know, this weather is driving me insane. Beautiful on Saturday (when I was out of town, of course), cooler and rainy yesterday…38 this morning, and frost on the car. *sigh*

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