Friday the 13th on Thursday

My computer died a couple weeks ago. After talking with Dell twice, I just gave up and said it’s not worth the effort (even though there’s a ton of stuff I’d like to have). I bought a new system, brought on partly by advice I’d been given at my LiveJournal blog that once it dies, it never really recovers.

Then I realized I could take the computer to some local repair store, since the warranty has expired. I did that a couple weeks ago. They ran diagnostics and told me they could fix it for a reasonable fee. It would take them 24-48 hours. That was over a week ago. I still don’t have it.

The new computer is quite lovely. It’s a Sony all-in-one with a 22″ screen, tv tuner, 2G RAM and 500G hard drive. And what am I doing with it? Playing Mah Jong. Actually, I hadn’t planned on doing much until I got my old computer back. But last night I sort of decided to not wait, and started downloading a couple programs I like. The good thing is both programs (MS Office 2007 and Paint Shop Pro X2) are in trial phase. If I get the other computer back, I’m hoping I can transfer MS 2003 (which I’m much more comfortable with) and PSP from it. We’ll see.

Yesterday, I locked myself out of my condo. I was rushing to get the trash out since I heard the trash truck coming. Turns out it was the landscaping truck and I hadn’t missed pick up. So I proceeded to get my tote bag & keys and head to work, and the door was locked. After knocking on a few neighbors’ doors with no answer, I ran into one of them out walking her dogs. She graciously let me in to use her phone. Unfortunately, the locksmith went to the wrong address and then got stuck in rush hour traffic. Once he showed up, he had a terrible time with the lock. After banging on the door know and jimmying the door jamb, the door popped open. Now there’s silvery flecks of door knob on the floor, which really glisten in the morning sunshine. Eventually I’ll have the whole mechanism replaced (lock and knob are supposed to be one unit), but it’ll cost me about $500. Then again, yesterday’s adventures cost me over half that.

I’m hoping that’s the extent of my Friday the 13th.  So far, so good.


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