Microsoft, you suck!

I downloaded Microsoft Service Pack 1 for Vista this morning.  And now I can’t install any new fonts.  I really wanted to install “Jane Austin” (my favorite font—it’s the one I used for my favicon), but the install font program kept freezing.  So I tried to do a system restore to a previous time.  And guess what?  I can’t even do that! Not only that, System Restore even freezes up!  I checked to see if I could uninstall SP1, but haven’t found anything so far.  I guess I’ll ask the sys admin guys at work tomorrow.  I could go online with a Microsoft tech, but that’ll cost me $59.  It even costs just to e-mail them!

I’m sure they’ll come out with a patch for it, since it’s so hosed up.  Or at least I hope they do.  I hope it’s a system-wide problem and not just something I’m encountering.  On the positive side, I did backup my files Friday evening.  (But I probably wouldn’t be able to restore them because, you know… System Restore freezes up!)


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