Hallelujah! Part 1

Have I talked about the saga of the computer?  How my Dell computer crashed?  Hard?  If not, you can read about it here.  And here, and here, and here… oh heck, there’s a whole bunch of posts about it.  I did get the old computer fixed, but as some of the comments mentioned, it’s not the same.  By a long shot.  I’m glad I bit the bullet and bought a new one.  I’ve been slowly transfering some of the files to the new computer, but it’s near impossible to transferthe programs.

I was all set to load my most valued programs onto the new computer.  But I hit a stumbling block with each one.

First, apparently my Office 2003 is an upgrade.  Huh?  I don’t remember having had an Office version to update to.  So apparently those disks are useless.  The new computer has a trial version of Office 2007 (home edition, besides which I don’t like), which will cost a little less than $100 (doable).  But my 2003 was the professional version, complete with Access and Publisher.  So I’ve downloaded Open Office, because free is so much better than $500.

Next up is Paint Shop Pro XII.  Not an expensive program, but why buy it when I already have it?  Problem is, I purchased it online, so I have no disks.  I tried transferring it from the old computer, but it’s one of the programs that didn’t completely restore.  I searched my e-mail for the registration key I’d had, but I sadly, I cannot find it.  I suppose I could live without PSP because I also have Photoshop, except…

I can’t find my Photoshop disks to reload.  And yes, it’s also in an unsalvageable state.  I know the disks are around here somewhere, but so far my searching has yielded nada.  And since I’m currently addicted to making tiny little pictures for my LiveJournal account, I’m keeping the PSP.  Which means I’ll be shelling out full price for a program I’ve been using since version 3. The good thing is, it’s not terribly expensive, as graphics software goes.

The last piece of important software is my Macromedia (RIP *sniff*) Studio MX 2004 software.  This fabulous software had Dreamweaver (my main use),  Fireworks (which comes in handy), Flash, and Freehand.  (Fireworks and Freehand are now defunct, since evil Adobe swallowed up Macromedia, but I figured they could come in handy in lieu of Photoshop. )  Guess what.  That disk was nowhere to be found either.  So, because I wanted to update my website (which I haven’t done yet), I downloaded an open source HTML editor.  It’s ok, but I really miss my Dreamweaver.  (Notice this paragraph is mostly in past tense?)

Spurred by the fact that I’m missing about $1400 worth of software (that’s not what I paid, but that’s the retail value of Photoshop and Dreamweaver), I’ve begun to (slowly) clear out my computer space.  And today, I found my beloved Dreamweaver! I’m so excited!  I’ve decided to take the rest of the day off and just PLAY.

Today, Studio MX 2004; tomorrow, Photoshope CS3 EV!


One thought on “Hallelujah! Part 1

  1. I was going to suggest that maybe you kept all the disks in a safe place–as in, the SAME safe place–but since you found one, I guess that’s unlikely. I’m sorry! What a pain!

    But woo hoo on finding Dreamweaver!

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