The Cleaner, episode 2, “Rag Dolls”

Rag Dolls

I really liked this episode. I hesitate to say I love the show with only 2 episodes aired, but I’m quite taken with it. I’d hoped they’d cut back on the eccentricities of the supporting cast, and they did. Akani (Grace Park) was still flirty, but it wasn’t brazen. Swenton was genuinely funny, without being obnoxious.

The episode was titled “Rag Dolls,” which is apparently slang for female surfer. I was especially interested to watch the show as the title character was played by Alona Tal, who had played the ill-fated Jo in the second season of Supernatural. She played Jackie, an 18-year-old surfing enthusiast whose mother was concerned about her sudden erratic behavior. Mom was afraid Jackie was using, yet she consistently came up clean on drug tests.

I thought this episode was stronger than the first. The beginning was very emotional on two separate fronts, and it gave the recurring cast the opportunity to show their range of talent. The show continues to showcase the dichotomy between William Banks’ two worlds by interweaving the story of his mission with that of his family. Banks’ team in action is savvy, for the most part, but they do make mistakes. Some are serious, but others are absolutely hilarious.

And while the ending was somewhat pat, it was satisfying nonetheless. Perhaps the highest praise I can give is that I found myself not wanting last night’s show to end. Here’s hoping the third installment is as good… or better.


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