“Meet the Joneses”

That’s the title of the third episode of the The Cleaner.

Annabeth Gish, costar of two of my favorite movies of all time, “Mystic Pizza” and “Shag”, was the guest star of note. In those movies, she played the character I most identified with, so I’m delighted to see she’s getting meaty roles as a full-fledged adult.

In this episode of The Cleaner, she plays the perfect housewife, a hot-shot lawyer who gave it all up to become a full-time wife and mom. The problem is she’s taking pain medication long after she healed from a skiing injury. Fortunately, she has a husband who actually pays attention to her and actually cares. He contacts William Banks with his concern. One of Banks’ rules is that he have full access to the house, and when he goes through it, he finds the drug abuse is much worse than pain meds.

Turns out Suzy Homemaker (I forget the character’s name, so I’ll be going with “Suzy” here on) is part of an elaborate drug ring of suburban housewives (and, not to show gender bias, one house-husband) who share user and dealer duties on a monthly basis. Banks’ team is unable to infiltrate the drug club, so they purge Suzy’s drugs and prescription refills and cut off her off her ATM and credit cards. (Who knew goofball Arnie Swenton is a computer whiz?) Suzy becomes more and more frantic when she can’t get her fix. She tears the house apart, lies, and terrifies her children with her erratic behavior.

The husband thinks Suzy is “cured” once she says she’ll get treatment “tomorrow” and despite Banks’ objections, he terminates his services. But when Suzy purposely break her hand in order to get more pain meds (and forgets to pick up her daughter after soccer in the process) he realizes how serious her problem really is.

I have to give the guy credit. Instead of refusing to admit his mistake, he takes the next step, even though he feels horrible, and horribly guilty by doing so.

Nor are things all that good on the home front for William. His wife gives him more responsibilities at home, which he tries to fulfill. But when duty calls, he’s out the door. There’s something seriously brewing between William and his son, which I’m sure we’ll see play out in the next weeks. (And, the way this series is going, may still not be resolved by the end of the first season.)

Being the big Benjamin Bratt fan that I am, I’m thrilled this show is getting viewers. And the majority of the viewers are enjoying the show. It’s time Benjamin Bratt had a “hit” on his hands.


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