It’ll be gone before I know it

Ah, the 3-day weekend looms ahead. For some reason, I’m great at thinking about all the things I’d like to accomplish over the weekend on Friday. But when Saturday rolls around, I draw a complete blank. Every once in awhile I’ll write out a list Friday night. It helps, but I don’t do it often enough.

I’ve been thinking about some of the things I want to accomplish this weekend. The “big ticket” items are those things that aren’t part of every day life. This weekend I’d like to make a trip to Goodwill to drop off some of the electronics I still have hanging around since the last organizer visit. (There is a long story excuse as to why they’re still in my living room.) Then I need to hike over to the laundromat to wash a couple of quilts. Although my washing machine and dryer say “heavy duty,” I’ve found the dryer can’t handle the smaller, lighter quilt. And I’m not even going to try with the larger, heavier quilt. I’ll take along a couple of magazines that have been lying around the house to read. The last “big ticket” item is to take some boxes of gifts to UPS. I hope they’re open on Monday, because trying to get all this done on Saturday won’t happen. Hey! I just figured it out: UPS on Saturday, laundromat on Sunday, Goodwill on Monday.

The rest of the “not fun” stuff consists of every day/every week things like cleaning (mainly the kitchen), groceries, laundry, bills.

That leaves the fun stuff. Like working on a new blog I’m trying to put together, Sci Fi Chicks. I asked some of the people at my LiveJournal blog if they’d like to contribute to a site about genre-type tv shows (& more), and the enthusiasm was a pleasant surprise. Now that I’ve got the domain names resolving correctly (which took most of last weekend), it’s time to tweak the site’s format and design to make it our own.

Oh, and maybe I’ll get my iPod music transfered from the old computer to the new one. Or, does iTunes remember what I’ve bought and automatically include them when I download the program? I’d purchased a couple of albums just before the computer crashed and never got them transferred to the iPod. I think the music’s about the last item on the old computer I want to transfer. Then I’ll be able to get the computer off my dining room table and sell it. I even have a buyer at the ready!

To quote The Devil on Reaper, “Good times.”


One thought on “It’ll be gone before I know it

  1. You are much too ambitious for a “take a break from work” holiday weekend. 🙂

    FYI, you’ll have to transfer your music and authorize the new computer to play the stuff you’ve purchased. You’ll want to deauthorize the old computer, too, once you’re done. But transferring the files is as easy as transferring anything else. Good luck!

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