Living in CHAOS

I have another blog called Pack Brat.  Over there, I’m trying to chronicle my attempts to get my home in order.  I’m about as consistent with it as I am with this blog.  But that’s all about to change. I was supposed to let people into my place this week to videotape the condition of my ceilings. Here’s what I wrote about yesterday:

Next week my condo building is having its roof replaced.   The roofers and the condo association wanted to do a walk-through of all top level units, documenting the state of the ceilings by videotaping them.  That way, if any damage occurred, unit owners wouldn’t be held liable.  Since I live in a top level unit, that included me.

I was very uneasy about having the contractor come in.  But I bit the bullet and scheduled a walk-through.   Then I found out it wouldn’t be just the contractor; the party would include the condo’s maintenance man and someone from the board of directors.  The more I thought about it, the more worried I became.  So early this morning, I called to cancel the walk-through.  Now, if I do incur damage, I’ll have to pay for it myself.

How ridiculous is that?  So, I decided it’s time to get serious (again) and really, honestly start taking the state of my home seriously.  My game plan fell by the wayside after I got the dining room decluttered.  (More on why I stalled in another post.)  My way of starting, I decided, is to do the daily 15 minutes of decluttering prescribed by Flylady.

I usually have a hard time motivating myself to do any housework on a Friday night, what with the weekend looming.  But I did spend 10 minutes in the bedroom, folding laundry and putting things away, and 5 minutes in the kitchen, filling the dishwasher and making a dent in clearing off the table.

Its a good feeling.  Now I just need to keep it up.


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