My beginner baby steps

There are 3 main tenets to the Flylady method of keeping a home:  the morning routine, the evening routine, and 15 minutes of decluttering.  She used to ask that you start the program with all 3.  However, there are so many extras to the program, and people were getting overwhelmed and quitting, that she broke the initial actions into 31 steps, calling them “Beginner Baby Steps.”  On Friday, I went through each one and noted them.

Of course, since I am adapting the program to me specifically, I’m not following these steps.  Rather, in these first tenuous weeks, I’m concentrating on the 15 minutes of decluttering.  However, I’ve further refined these to 15 minutes of picking up & decluttering.   In the past few days I’ve done the 15 minutes, it has included some decluttering, but much of it has also been attending to the dirty dishes in the kitchen and putting laundry away.

I’ve just finished the dishes and (the most recent round of) laundry.  The final 5 minutes will be tonight when I pack up my trash and put it out.

In keeping with my weekend routine, I spent much more than 15 minutes on my finanaces this morning.  Yesterday I’d started categorizing my Visa purchases, but you may recall I had difficulties with  QVC.  I’m still having those problems, but I was able to identify all of them by alternate means.  I’ve been one month behind on paying the bill, which means interest charges, so I took the extra time to pay off both last month’s and this month’s bill.  Just in time to load it up again for the holidays.  😉

Now I’m going to take a little time and see if I can’t get the Pack Brat site back in good operating order.


One thought on “My beginner baby steps

  1. Decluttering is what I should be doing. I doubt I would ever get any good at keeping my home tidy (I have so many things to do that I like better than cleaning and tidying up), but though I’ve never lost anything and I can usually find what I’m looking for quickly in spite of living in chaos, my home would do with some decluttering. There are things that I’m sure I wouldn’t miss if I threw or gave them away, as I’ve not been using them for ages. Someone should keep me away from bookshops and video stores, because I don’t know if I could resist the temptation of buying new books and dvds, if I suddenly found myself room to put them that I don’t have now. 😉

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