Cars and stars

I was raised on used cars. Used Chevy Impalas to be exact. Not the generic Impalas of today, but the classic ones. The 1959 with the gorgeous tail fins (ours was white), and the family/muscle car of the mid-1960’s. In fact, that’s the car I learned to drive on. This is important because the 1967 4-door Impala has become a bit of a cult object, what with its status as the “third character” of the tv series Supernatural.

I bring up cars (and may continue to do so this month), because I’m getting a new one. Of my last three cars, two have been used, and one was a dealer demo. I don’t regret any of them. My present car is a 2000 Lexus ES300. I bought it when it was about 4 years old. And when people ask me about my car, I always have to tell them that the car is used, lest they think I have the money (or am willing to take out a gigantic loan) to buy a new Lexus. Still, even used, the Lexus cost me more than the new car I’ll be getting some time this coming week.

I’ve had the new car itch for about a month, and for some reason am interested in an SUV. I checked with Consumer Reports and the top rated SUV is the Subaru Forester. I test drove one last week. The only problem is that I was initially interested in the 2.5X base model, but the 2.5X Premium really caught my eye. While it has some things I can do without, it has some significant pluses. But I didn’t think I could swing it. Turns out I can swing it. So I called the dealership, and they not only have the color I want with the all-weather package I want, it has an iPod interface (to control the iPod through the stereo controls on the steering wheel). And something else I wanted but didn’t want to pay extra for. Oh yeah! The auto-adjust rear-view mirror with compass. The only thing it didn’t have that I want is side molding. But the dealership will be putting those on for me.  (Which is the reason I don’t have it yet.)

In all the car excitement, I forgot what the “stars” was about.


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