Why am I here?

Because I’ve had enough.

I have used the stand-alone WordPress for awhile, but I wanted to make some changes today and couldn’t get to the script portion of my hosting site.  And that was the final straw.  The previous straws were trying to get my domain names to point to the right folder.  I ended up having to call the hosting company, and even then it took going through about 4 techs before I found one who fixed it.  (And sadly, he was the only one who wasn’t particularly nice.)  Then, one of the blogs (or folders) became corrupted.  So I had to delete it and start all over again.  And guess what.  I couldn’t get the domain name to point to the folder.  This time I decided to try to seek out the knowledge center.  And while I found something I think was supposed to fix the problem, it didn’t.  And now I think my .htaccess file is screwed up.

Yeah, I could call the help center again, but I’m not inclined to.  So here I am, on WordPress.com once again.   Hey, if it’s good enough for Lorelle, it’s good enough for me. 🙂


One thought on “Why am I here?

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