Retirement planning

Lately I’ve been dreaming about retirement. I don’t have ties to anywhere, so the world is wide open. One of the women I work with has been talking up Panama. The Army people who have been stationed there love it. Other people have mentioned Costa Rica. I think it’s certainly worth a trip to check these places out. Especially in January or February.

I have some other places in mind. Some make sense; others, probably not so much. While the slow place and sense of community I might get from moving back to Iowa are appealing, the thought of winter is not. Moving to a southern locale would be nice, but I won’t know anybody and will have to make new friends. (Not always easy for an introvert.)

So yesterday I took an online quiz to determine the best places for me. And while some of the places don’t appeal to me (and I’ve been told to check them off the list), there are others that might be worth checking out, especially in January or February. See a pattern? Yep. I can see trips to Louisiana, Oregon and the Southwest (New Mexico and Texas) looming in the coming years.


2 thoughts on “Retirement planning

  1. *waves* Hi, it’s me, Sue/Zanne–finally got over here. Cute layout!

    Have you ever considered becoming a snowbird? It might be right up your alley from the sound of it. Best of both worlds, then; Iowa when it’s nice, and wherever you want to go south when it’s not so nice here. Seriously, hundreds flee Iowa during the winter months for warmer climes. Arizona and Texas are favorites.

  2. Sue/Zanne! *waves back*

    But being a snowbird requires 2 abodes. And I don’t think I’d like hauling the kitties back and forth. And I know they wouldn’t like it! Oh wait, there’s a crazy cat lady in Mason City who’d take care of them! 😉

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