Re-establishing habit #1

As per usual, I get stuck when starting a new blog.  I want it to be perfect; consequently, I agonize over categories and tags; start writing posts but never publish them because I can’t get to say exactly what I mean; blah, blah, snore.  Just freakin’ jump in, Gail!

I’ve  been trying to start (and restart) good habits, one by one.  I know conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to ingrain a new habit, and FlyLady says 28 days for SHEs (those of us who get easily sidetracked).  For me, the critical day is day #4.  Not that I have the habit established by day 4, but I’ve done it enough days in a row, it’s not worth breaking the cycle.

The habit I’ve been trying to redevelop for the last month or so is washing my face in the evening.  I used to be religious about this, but in the last couple years I’ve allowed it to lapse.  To reinforce the habit, I put a cute little sticker on my calendar for every evening I complete the task.  It’s not much, but it’s instant gratification to see the calendar become colorful.  And yet, if you look at the month of October, I have a series of 3 stickers-break-3 stickers-break-3… you get the idea.

I’ve been so bad in November, I haven’t even bothered with the stickers.  But finally, this week, I decided I’d had enough, and started in again.  (Part of the reason is the cold weather that’s set in.  My skin, which used to be oily and acne prone, is now extremely dry,  with the added complication of excema.  The cold, dry weather just exacerbates the problem.)  So now I have 3 consecutive days of stickers.  Tonight is the clencher.  I’m thinking since tody is Saturday, it’s a good thing.  I’m much more relaxed than on a “school night” and I think that will spur me to spend the little extra time getting ready for the night, rather than just falling into bed.

The other reason I’m optimistic is I’ve figured out what my reward for day #4 is going to be.  This past week, Jeanne Bice was on QVC.  Ordinarily I’m not crazy about a lot of her stuff because it’s too much.  Plus, this time of year, everything has a holiday theme.  How many Christmas sweaters do I really need?  But this time, she had several sweaters I really liked.  Some were understated, and some, while embellished, were quite tasteful.  And some were just plain cute and fun.  I didn’t buy anything, but I decided if I could get the 4th day pulled off, I’d order one of the sweaters.  It was a little hard deciding which one, but I finally decided on a bright blue (turquoise?) cardigan with a detachable striped scarf, which ends with a Rudolph face on one end and a snowman face on the other.  I’ll be able to wear the cardigan by itself, but then add the scarf for holiday parties.  It won’t be here in time for Thanksgiving, but that’s ok.  I’m sure I’ll still get plenty of wear out of it when December rolls around.


3 thoughts on “Re-establishing habit #1

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