Finally, a plan! Maybe.

Have I mentioned all the topics I want to cover here? I mean besides just aimless rambling? No? Well, here ya’ go:

  1. Progress (or lack of it) with getting my home decluttered. I was going to write about it at, but I couldn’t get the domain name to point to the right folder without help from the hosting service help desk. You can read about my frustration in my first post here.
  2. My efforts to get back into cooking. I decided I’d start going through one cookbook a month and writing about the recipes I’ve tried. Look for that to begin in January. Now is not the time to try to establish new habits, since the season is already stressful enough.
  3. Sort of related to the above two items: my attempts to establish new habits, like washing my face before bedtime.
  4. Trying to learn WordPress and php, and perhaps other blog platforms. I’ve been trying to do this for a long time, but not consistently.
  5. Relate stories about my parents and other family members. The purpose is to tell my nephews and niece about their grandparents, and my side of the family, since they didn’t really get to know them very well.

Ok, ok. I realize that’s a lot of varied topics, especially considering I’ll probably also blabber on about anything that comes into my head. But part of the reason for putting it all in one place is to see what emerges as the most interesting and prolific topic. Perhaps then I’ll find my niche.


3 thoughts on “Finally, a plan! Maybe.

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