Plusses and minuses

Now I remember one of the reasons I didn’t care for I can’t make any changes to the design. Not unless I shell out $15 a year.  And why am I not willing to do that?  It’s less expensive than paying a web hosting company and using the stand-alone WordPress platform.  I guess I’m willing to pay for the web hosting because it gives me so much more freedom and flexibility.

On the plus side, has many more themes (designs) than the last time I used it. And there are so many I like, I might have to give them all a try. The theme I’m using now is one of the new ones, called Albeo.  I picked it because it’s the first of the designs shown (they’re in alphabetical order).  And besides, I think it’s quite eye catching.

There are only two things that I don’t care for.  First, the text is a little too light for my taste (and aging eyes). I’d like to change it to black or at least a darker gray, but I can’t unless I shell out $15.  And then there’s the tag line. Or rather, lack of it.  I love a good tag line. And I think mine is pretty good, but you don’t see it with this design.  So… bummer.

“Albeo” is by “Elena G.” of Design Disease. I have no idea if Elena G. is Design Disease, or if Design Disease is a whole company of folks.  And while “Albeo” is only available for (thus, I can’t modify it unless I, you know, spend the $15), they have a few other very adorable designs which all have a retro feel to them.  A few even have tag lines! And since one of them is a Christmas theme, I think I’m going to have to load it at Stream of Conscience.


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