1.02: “Wendigo” in HD

As you may know, if you follow my LiveJournal blog, I am doing a(nother) Supernatural retrospective while the show is on its winter hiatus.  This retrospective focuses on the episodes in HD.  You see, I so highly anticipated the show’s season premiere that I went out and bough an HD television in Septembe.

The reason I’m doing this retrospective is because my DVD player plays the Supernatural episodes really dark.  I could probably compensate by increasing the tv’s brightness, but damn if I could ever find the control.  Nor could I find the owner’s manual that would have told me where everything was.  With the new tv, I can adjust the brightness in order to see all those things that happen in the dark.  So I decided to go back through the episodes in order and relay my findings.  And yes, I did start with episode 1.01, the pilot.  It’s review is here.

So what had I missed in “Wendigo”?

  1. I finally got a good look at “the size of this freakin’ bear.”  And I was surprised to see a man standing next to (or behind) it.  Before, the picture was just just a dark blob.  This time it actually looked like a bear (and a man).
  2. I finally saw the inside of Mr. Shaw’s (the man who’d survived the attack as a kid) place.  I hadn’t known it was a one-room living abode, nor had I seen the “kitchen” area.  (Were there dirty dishes piled up?  It’s been a few days since I watched and I didn’t write anything down.)
  3. And finally, OH MY GOD, HOLY COW *swoon* *thud*  Dean OMG twirls the flair guns when he picks them up!!  And he winks!!!  Just when I think Jensen Ackles can’t get any more fabulous, he does.

Now for some general thoughts.  I have two pet peeves when it comes to the stars of the show, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

  1. “OMG, Jensen Ackles is fabulous.  He’s marvelous in everything he does.   He’s perfection personified.”  (Ok, that last sentence is my take on what “DeanGirls” say about him.  But you get the idea.)  Don’t get me wrong, Jensen is an amazing actor, and I truly think he’s the most underrated actor in Hollywood.  But, I think he tends to overdo the “Dean’s in physical pain” bit.  In “Wendigo,” when Sam and Ben cut down Dean and Haley, Dean moans and groans and makes faces; Haley is just gets herself together.  I suppose there are those who’ll say it’s because Gina Holden just didn’t “bring it” like Jensen did.  I’m ok with that.  But it doesn’t change my opinion.
  2. “Jared’s acting has improved so much since the beginning of the series.”  Jared was always a great actor.  I bring this up here because there are two scenes in “Wendigo” where he absolutely shines.  The first one is the very first scene of the episode, when Sam goes to visit Jessica’s grave.  His sorrow is very real.  His face is pained, but not overly so.  His sobs are genuine.  The second scene is Sam and Dean’s talk by the fire.  You know, the “saving people, hunting things—the family business” scene.  Jared made me feel Sam’s anger and frustration.

Speaking of that scene, the brotherly dynamic really shines here.  Dean’s being able to identify Sam’s anger and child. 😉

Three stars

Three stars

I give it three stars, which is higher than my initial rating (when I first saw it).  I enjoyed the Dean-Haley reparté more this time.  I think prior, I just hadn’t gotten to know Dean’s personality very well.


One thought on “1.02: “Wendigo” in HD

  1. Re: the pet peeves

    1. I’m reserving judgment on that, though I do remember focusing on the fact that Dean’s shoulders were a bigger problem than that Hailey girl’s were. He’s heavier, so it kind of makes sense that they would be. But you know, now I’m going to be paying extra attention to Dean’s Pain Face. LOL

    2. Jared was always a good actor, yes, but now he’s good consistently. Also, earlier on he had a tendency to “put on” his performance, whereas now he’s MUCH better at projecting it from within, which Jensen has always done more of.

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