Happy (& healthy) eating to me

In my newest blog, I mention one of the things I want to chronicle is my cooking.  The purpose is to force myself to start cooking for myself again.  Part of the reason is to help me lose some weight, but also I  just want to start feeling better and maybe save a little money on the side.

I had planned on beginning this endeavor in January.  But I felt so full and lethargic last night when I went to bed, I decided I’m going to start now.  Since this is such a busy season, I thought I’d start with the American Heart Association’s Quick & Easy cookbook.  But in lookin for it this morning, I couldn’t find it.  Apparently it was one of the cookbooks that went to Goodwill when I had an organizer help me clear out my kitchen this summer.  (Even so, I still kept more cookbooks than she wanted me to.  Same thing with teapots.)

So,  in lieu of my first pick, I am going to use the Weight Watchers Turnaround Program cookbook, concentrating on the recipes which take less than 20 minutes.  Of course, we all know that when a recipe says it takes only 20 minutes really takes at least 30.


Ok, scratch that.  I just found my Weight Watchers 5 in 15 cookbook, which will work better for December.  The 5 in 15 cookbooks are actually more of a magazine than a book, but they have lots of recipes, including sandwiches, breakfasts, and desserts.  I’ve found them at the grocery store, with the magazines.  Supposedly all the recipes have only 5 ingredients (but some have a few more) and are cooked (and prepped) in 15 minutes.  Again, 15 minutes in a cookbook usually means 20-30 minutes in real life.  I used to have 3 of these cookbooks, now I only have one.  (See note about organizer & cookbooks.)  But the recipes sound wonderful.

I just went through the main dishes and side dishes sections.  I found 9 main dishes I’d like to try; 2 chicken, 2 salmon, 1 beef, 1 pork, 1 vegetarian, and 1 veal.  I don’t eat veal (on principle), so if I try that recipe, I’ll substitute turkey or chicken.  The 7 side dishes include 5 vegetables and 2 starches.  But the starches also have veggies.  One is spinach mashed potatoes and the other is mushroom couscous.  Yum!

I’m not yet sure which recipes I’ll try this weekend.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll try the macaroni and cheese for Christmas Eve.  I had a Weight Watchers mac & cheese (not the same recipe) one year when my niece was with me for Christmas, and it was fabulous.  Very rich and creamy tasting.  And filling.

As for Christmas day, I may just pull out a couple of Cornish hens I have the freezer and try something with them.


3 thoughts on “Happy (& healthy) eating to me

  1. I love cooking and even took courses to improve my skills in the kitchen, but I have to force myself, too, when it’s only me that I have to cook for.

    BTW, I could never throw/give cookbooks (ok, let’s make it any book) away.

    Good luck with your cooking efforts.

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