What’s for dinner?

I went to the grocery store around noon today.  It wasn’t as bad as, say, the day before Thanksgiving.  Heck, it wasn’t even all that bad for a Saturday afternoon.  But still.  I spent over $100.  Apparently eating well is expensive.

I decided that along with a main dish and side dish, I’d make something for Sunday breakfast from the Five Ingredient·15 Minute cookbook.  (That’s its real name.  I know because it’s sitting right in front of me.)  So, tomorrow morning, I’m having “baked eggs with Canadian bacon,” except that mine will be baked eggs with smoked ham.  (Because that’s what the Canadian bacon smoked ham package says.)  I made them around Christmas last year.  They’re pretty good.  It’s ham, a little Monterrey jack cheese and egg, baked in a muffin cup, then put on an English bagel.

For dinner tonight, I’m having “salmon with cucumber-tarragon sauce.”  I’m supposed to use an Engllish cucumber, but the store didn’t have any!  Poo!  But I’m sure it’ll be good even with an American cuke.  Now, I can understand Podunk, Iowa not having them, but c’mon!  This is the Capital of the Free World!  Of course, last year I would have just substituted a regular cucumber, because they’re less expensive.  But this past summer I started using the English cukes, and they are well worth the extra money.

I may also make “sugared carrots,” which seems a little redundant, doncha think?  I mean, carrots already have a lot of sugar.


9 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. I’ll have you know that in my particular Podunk, Iowa you can get an English cucumber. Would you like me to send you one? 😉

  2. Sue, you do not live in Podunk, Iowa. You live in an almost-metropolis. 🙂

    Why Natalie, yes it is an English muffin. (The “English bagel” was a… typo.) 😉

  3. Now I’m hungry. 😉

    Reading about your cooking reminded me that I have to make a pumpkin pie to give to my mother, since it’s her birthday today.

    On a side note, I try to avoid grocery stores on Saturdays, if I can, because it is when all the people seem to go for their week shopping and it takes too long to get out of stores and I often end up forgetting half of the things I need or wanted to buy. 😦

  4. Oh, Francesca, I love pumpkin pie! I don’t like going to the store on Saturday either, but it’s sometimes a necessary evil. Last winter when I broke my foot, I had groceries delivered and it was nice. I keep meaning to do it again, but never do.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  5. I know that going to the store on Saturday is sometimes a necessary evil: though I try to avoid it, but there are weeks that are so hectic that Saturday is the only day I have left to do my shopping.

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