Task 1, done!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  I need a city decal for my new car and had registered for it online.  But I received an e-mail from the city office saying they needed a copy of my temporary registration and my buyer’s order.  (Alexandria is an “independent city” and not a county; whereas Arlington is actually a county, and not a city.  Oh those crazy Virginians.  It probably stems from the state not really being a state, but rather a “commonwealth.”)   I knew where the temp registration was, but not the buyer’s order.  I checked my automobile file, but it wasn’t there, so it must have been somewhere on the desk in my entry way.  You know, the desk that collects all the mail I don’t want to deal with immediately, and then gets lost in the pile.  The auto paperwork wasn’t readily visible, so some of today would be spent clearing off the desk. And while it took awhile, I found it.  And it’s been scanned and sent to the vehicle registration office.

Of course, once I found the paperwork, all efforts at clearing off the desk were discontinued.


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