Task 2, done!

Today was the last day to sign up for my flexible spending account.  You know, where they take money out of your paycheck to pay for medical expenses.  2008 was the first year I signed up for it.  I think I’m going to break about even once I put in all my claims and buy some new glasses.  (I’m going for the tres chichi look this year.)

But back to today:  I began signing up for the flexible spending account this morning.  Of course I forgot my user name (turns out it’s my “standard” one), and then my password.  Fortunately, the password hint helped—once I read it.  Then, I got through part of the enrollment process and we lost our internet connection.  I tried calling the phone number a few times, but it was always busy.  Guess I’m not the only one who waited until the last minute day.  Fortunately, by lunchtime our internet access was back up and I was able to complete my enrollment.  But holy cow!  It’s such a long and convoluted process,  at the top of every page they put in bold red letters “You have not completed enrollment yet.”

The other good news:  Combined Federal Campaign (CFC, the government’s version of United Way) is not over until Dec 15.  Some guy at my headquarters said it was already over.  I just love how people are so willing to dispense wrong information.

In other news, I stopped at the post office on the way home to mail a couple packages.  They weren’t heavy but they were bulky (but under the 108″ girth requirement).  A woman walked in right before me and just headed on in, basically closing the door on me.  Nice.  Then an Air Force major was packing & wrapping a (huge) box in the mddle of the room, with 3 others already wrapped.  When she was done, I told her she could go in front of me.  Not even a thank you.  Yeah, that’s the Christmas spirit.


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