Rewards ‘n’ goodies!

Work today is surprisingly light. Of course, “light” is a relative term. But here I am, actually able to take a break.

Today marks a significant day. It’s day 21 of establishing my first good habit. It’s significant because “they” say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. I’m not so sure about that—I still have thoughts of going to bed without washing my face. FlyLady, on the other hand, says it takes 28 days for SHEs (Side-tracked Home Executives, those of us with short attention spans).

Still, I decree that 21 days is a milestone, and therefore I get to reward myself.  With what, you ask?  I received a flyer for Bed, Bath and Beyond last week and it had several things I’d like to buy. So I thought I’d use one of those as my Day 21 reward.  No, it will not be the Jura® Capresso ENA 4 Coffee Center for $1000. Nor will it be the Jura® Capresso Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center for a mere $1800. Man, you really gotta love coffee to buy one of those. Or, you already have everything. Or you’re ridiculously wealthy.)

Oops, I got side-tracked (see definition of SHE, above). Back to what I really think I’ll buy. It may be the Homedics® Shiatsu Neck Pillow with Heat, except that I’ve already ordered a HoMedics® Shiatsu+ Massaging Cushion with Heat, I just haven’t received it yet. Plus, I’m not sure if it will reach all the way up to my neck. Or it may be the Weight Watchers® Body Fat Glass Scale. I have a body fat scale, but I had some trouble with it on Sunday. Besides, the WW scale measures even more than weight and body fat. Cool! But honestly, I think I’ll go for the cell phone, iPod, etc. recharging station. Well, I will if they still have it in stock. I can’t find it on the web site, which kind of scares me.

Or maybe I’ll just buy a new tote bag for work from QVC.  I’ve decided my current one is passé.


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