I like having a plan!

Earlier today it suddenly dawned on me that today is Friday, and I hadn’t yet planned any meals for the upcoming week.  Then I realized, Yes, I had! Last week, when I sat down with the Five Ingredients·15 Minutes cookbook, I’d made plans for the entire month!

Of course, it’s much easier to do that when one is cooking only on Saturdays and Sundays and then eating left-overs the rest of the week.  I seriously doubt I could plan a month of meals if I had to cook every day.  My sister-in-law Margie could do that, but she was 1) a terrific cook and 2) remarkably organganized.  She’d create a 7×4 hand-drawn grid, fill in what meals she’d make on which days, and post it on the inside of a cupboard door.  So simple, yet so functional and so smart.  Just like she was.


3 thoughts on “I like having a plan!

  1. Gail, I have a friend who is exactly like your sister-in-law. She is naturally a very organized person, and now she has to rely heavily on organization and planning ahead to be able to juggle between her family, her home, her social life and her job and take good care of everything.

    Personally, I’m used to planning a week of meals, not a month, though I’m not so strict about it. Well, I have to, since I can easily find the time for a trip to grocery stores once a week, I wouldn’t be able to go every day, so I have to plan ahead a bit. However, I think I’d feel like screaming after few days, if I opened my cupboard door and found a grid filled in with what meals I’d make on which days for a month. I like to leave some room for the unexpected in my life.

  2. I usually have trouble planning even a week ahead. So the month was a real surprise, and totally not planned. When I sat down with the cookbook to find recipes I wanted to try, I just ended up with enough for the month, so I figured which recipes I’d try which week. (Remember, I’m only cooking on weekends, so it’s not like I had 30 meals planned.)

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