Feelin’ grooo-vee

Boy, this planning & cooking meals thing is pretty great!  I’m enjoying the Five Ingredients·15 Minutes cookbook so much I’m not sure I’m going to want to change cookbooks come January.  I haven’t eaten a dinner “out” (which for me means ordering pizza) all  week.  (Breakfast and lunches are another thing, but lets take it one meal at a time.)

The biggest surprise for me this week was the asparagus with blue cheese sauce.  I’ve never been a big fan of asparagus, but these were are delicious!  And it’s not just the blue cheese sauce.  Even the bites without sauce were tasty, even though I did overcook them just a smidge.  The great thing is now I know how to cook asparagus and will do it even better the next time.

I had a great feeling as I drove off to the supermarket this morning.  I’m not exactly sure what it was.  Perhaps it was satisfaction that I’d actually met a goal.  Maybe it was that I’m feeling better because I’m eating (slightly) better.  Perhaps it’s that I know what I’m cooking tonight and tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it.

It’s such a strange feeling for me to feel successful.  It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life.  Several years ago, I finally came to the realization I sabatage myself.  Just when I’m this close –><– to meeting a goal, I fall back.  I’m sure I haven’t been “cured,”  but maybe I’ve made a dent in the armour.  Or, it could just be the manic part of my mini-bipolar.  But whatever it is, I’ll take it.  🙂


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