The lights are a’twinkling

I went to the ophthalmologist today.  I really just wanted to see the optometrist, but it was probably good to see the doctor.  They dilated my eyes, and by the time I was finished with everything, the sun had set.  On the drive home, all the lights radiated numerous beautiful, spikey rays of light.  Headlights, taillights, stoplights; they all melded into a sea of red and green and white twinklies.

I’m still seeing the spikeys—and the white background as I type is nearly blinding me—so tonight’s entry will be short.  Of course, the whole purpose of going to the eye doctor and getting new glasses was to use up the money in my flexible spending account.  But my vision plan is apparently of the ginormtrous type.  I bought two pairs of progressive bifocal eye-glasses with chi-chi frames (one mucho expensive and one moderately expensive, both with bling!) and the newest in non-glare coating (since the old non-glare coating sucked) for $205.  Oh wait, that included the doctor’s visit.  For less than $200.

Now I’m going to end up losing money in my flexible spending account.  But at least I’ll look fabuous in my new blingy glasses.


2 thoughts on “The lights are a’twinkling

  1. Well, you know, it’s that government benefits package. 🙂

    You know, you can use FSA money for over-the-counter medical stuff, too. Contact solutions…okay, wait, you don’t have contacts…medications like Advil or Tums or whatever, maybe even Band-aids. If you go to a store like Target or Rite Aid they separate out your qualifying purchases on your receipt so you can easily know what to submit for reimbursement for. At least you could get something back, if not all!

    Hmmm, let’s see…you could go to the chiropractor and the dentist and get a mammogram, though the last two might be hard to get an appointment for, and those pesky government benefits might get in the way again…

  2. Hey, thanks for the tip about OTC meds. I had no idea.

    Oooh, a chiropractor sounds wonderful! My upper back is constantly sore. 🙂 I know my uncle swore by them.

    (I do have a few things I need to claim, at least $500 worth. So I should be pretty good. Yeah, those feds. The benefits are terrific!)

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