NaBloPoMo-0; CSS-1

Oops.  I missed posting Tuesday here at SoC, although I did post at my new Theme Park, where I’m testing out various WordPress themes (designs, layouts) to see which would be the best for me to use as a template for my own theme. And because I need to be proficient in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, what gives a web page its “look”) to create a WordPress theme, I’ve been trying my hand at the CSS Zen Garden.  I’m studying some of the designs (& designers) there to help me get a better handle on CSS, and perhaps even inspire me in the process.

I actually finished a design yesterday.  It’s pretty simple, but it still gave me lots of trouble.  I do need to go in and clean up the CSS file, and tweek it just a little bit.  But the great thing is it looks pretty much the same in Firefox, IE, and Safari (which of course is the reason for web standards in the first place).  I don’t know about Opera, though.  (Opera’s for Macs, isn’t it?  Or do they have a PC version?  Safari used to be Mac, I believe, but now there’s also a PC version.  And yes, if I want to be serious about designing websites, I need to have a Mac.  But no one pays me to do this, so I’ll just live in the PC world for now.)

Oh, I did also work on my 2008 Christmas letter.  It’s basically done but I haven’t posted it yet.  (It’s really short because this year kind of fell short, ya know?)  I suppose that could have been my post for yesterday, but alas, twas not.  I’ve kind of faded on this whole NaBloPoMo thing anyway.  I never uploaded the “badges” and I don’t think any of my entries have been counted, because I haven’t entered them from their site.  So, meh.


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo-0; CSS-1

  1. I should be trying to learn how to create WordPress themes, too. I’m not planning to become a professional web designer, but I’m dreaming of a unique theme for my blog. 🙂

    I’m a Mac user and I can tell you that if you make the mistake to buy a Mac, you will never be able to have any other type of computer of OS 😉 . Honestly, it is not true anymore that web designers and media types have to have a Mac to do their work, they can do just as well on a PC. I fell in love with Mac OS, but the only real advantage Mac users have over PC users that I can mention is that the former don’t have to worry about viruses as much as the latter. So if you are happy with PCs, stick with them.

    Web browsers. Mac users have Safari, Firefox, Opera and Camino available, while IE has practically disappeared from the Mac world as the development of the Mac version stopped at 5.23. PC users have IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari available. I’m obviously just mention the major browsers, though perhaps there are others available.

    Good luck with your learning how to create WordPress themes and if you need someone to have a look at how your creations, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

  2. I forgot to say in my previous comment that I won’t “blame” you for fading on the NaBloPoMo thing, Gailann.

    Personally, I think that trying to set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month is a fascinating concept, but it is also slightly scary. I’m afraid that blogging would turn into an obligation, if I had to do it every day, even when I don’t feel like it or I don’t have much to say, an obligation that would take the pleasure out of blogging and possibly make me stop to blog rather than turn it into a habit.

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