Winners and losers

As the month (and the year) come to an end, it’s time to review what worked in the kitchen and what didn’t.

What worked:

  1. The Five Ingredients/15 Minutes cookbook.  Great recipes and fairly easy.  A good way to ease my way back into cooking regularly.
  2. Planning meals, preferably a month at a time.  For me, it’s best to sit down once (maybe twice) at the beginning of the month to decide what I’m cooking and when.  If I wait to plan the last half of the month in the last half of the month, it won’t get done.
  3. Vegetables are our friends.  The big surprises were sugared carrot (which have more of a nutmeg taste than a brown sugar taste) and asparagus with blue cheese vinaigrette.   The cauliflower with buttered bread crumbs was also quite good.

What didn’t work?

  1. Mushroom couscous.  I was really looking forward to this dish.  I took a couple bites, but on about the third, I spit it out and sent it down the drain.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  Maybe the couscous was too old, or the mushrooms were sliced too thickly (I bought them presliced), or beef broth shouldn’t have been the liquid of choice.  I might try it again sometime, making some tweaks, but not for awhile.
  2. Chicken with roasted red pepper sauce.  The chicken was fine.  The roasted red pepper sauce was awful; which really surprised me because I like roasted red peppers.  I ate one serving of it, but when it came time for leftovers, it went the way of the mushroom couscous.  I was able to salvage the chicken with some pesto sauce I had on hand from a pesto salmon recipe I’d made earlier.  And while the pesto salmon was good, I think the chicken was better.

And so tomorrow, in addition to maybe watching the Outback Bowl (go Hawks!),  I’ll sit down with my American Heart Association Cookbook (5th edition of their first cookbook) and decide what I’ll be eating in January.  As for what I’ll actually eat tomorrow, perhaps it will be leftovers from dinner out tonight.


One thought on “Winners and losers

  1. I’ll look for the Five Ingredients/15 Minutes cookbook: I can do with simple dishes that I can prepare quickly when I have only myself to cook for.

    A word of advice. I think that mushrooms prepared as you did (sliced with beef broth) are better with rice than couscous.

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