Back in the saddle again

New month (heck, new year!), new theme.  Actually, I’ve used this theme before, so I may not keep it very long.  I’m not a big fan of the one-column design.  I suppose if the sidebar were at the top rather than the bottom, I’d think better of them (ease of navigation being one of my bug-a-boos); but this is an old theme, made pre-widgits, so there isn’t really anything I can do.

Yes, I’ve been absent for a month.  That’s because I was going to do the NaBloPoMo thing in December at Stream of Conscience.  I kept it up for 15 days, but then fell off the wagon.  I blame it on my (undiagnosed) ADD.  I got caught up in improving my (lacking) CSS skillz, and forgot to post.  So, pffft.

But I’m back, once again ready to tackle the tough subjects of getting organized, establishing new habits, cooking, deciding where to retire*, and just plain telling stories.
(* Adventures in planning to retire is a newly added topic.  The discussions of learning WordPress, php and css will be done at my theme park.)

So, what new habits have I decided to tackle next?  Stay tuned!


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