Habit #2—found!

Ever since the modest success of establishing good habit #1, I’ve been pondering what to tackle next.   I’ve tried a couple different things, without much follow-through.   Finally, with thoughts of taxes seeping into my brain (not to mention submitting claims to my medical flexible spending account before the deadline of March 1, 2009), I realized I need to clean up my “den.”  The room is technically a bedroom, but it’s where I’ve placed my computer and store my personal files.  And it’s overflowing with stuff.  I need to get it into some sort of order to make tax work as easy as possible.

When I hired the organizer last summer, she told me the hardest part is staying on top of the paperwork.  I can believe it!  There are two particular paperwork culprits that overwhelm me with their sheer volume.  The first is the notices I get from my health insurance every time I see a doctor.  It’s paperwork that says something like “This is not a bill.   This is a record of your medical treatment.  It’s an extra piece of paperwork you need to keep until hell freezes over.”  (Ok, it doesn’t say that last part, but I’ve asked a few different people if it’s something I need to keep, and they say yes.  Ugh.)

The second type of paperwork is the investment reports.  It seems like I get 2-3 reports every week.  (And trust me, I don’t have that many investments.)  I believe there is a solution to this—start receiving the statements electronically.  But of course,  I’m waiting until I have the paperwork straightened out prior to signing up.  (Yeah, if you don’t understand this reasoning, you’re obviously not a “perfectionist.”)

The good news is , the filing systems are already set up.  The problem is I have to step over and around assorted piles of books, paper, and the afore-mentioned stuff  just to get to the files.  The other good news is that I am filing the medical and financial paperwork as it comes—by throwing it all in one big pile.  The other bad news?  It’s one hell of a big pile.

So, my next good habit will be cleaning, decluttering and organizing the den for just 5 minutes a day.  I know it’s not a lot of time, but it’s surprising what you can accomplish it 5 minutes.  Having spent only 10 minutes in the room so far, I’ve already found 2 key items.  One is my Supernatural locker calendar (which I recieved when I bought the season 3 DVD set) and the other is the coupon to download a digital copy of the season from iTunes.  (What? You don’t think these are essential items?  Obviously, you’ve never watched the show!)

So, with all that said, it’s time I got off the computer and started clearing things out.  Who knows what goodies I’ll find today.


One thought on “Habit #2—found!

  1. My home would do with some cleaning, decluttering and organizing. Perhaps I should hire the organizer, too. However, I have never lost anything (not anything important, at least, 😉 ) so far. I can usually find the things that I’m looking for pretty easily, though sometimes under assorted piles of other things.

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