One of “those” posts

You know, where you write about whatever comes to mind.

I’ve changed themes again. I may have mentioned that I’m going through the available themes in more or less alphabetical order. I skipped Almost Spring and Blix because they don’t include the tag line. I skipped Andreas04, Andreas09 and Banana Smoothie because they’re ugly. Andreas09 less so that the others.) I skipped Black Letterhead, Chaos Theory and Chaotic Soul because they have a black background, which I dislike. Although I like Chaotic Soul enough to have created a banner for it (for use a stand-alone WordPress blog). I skipped Benevolence because I’ve used it before. (I also had a banner for it, but it’s not online, so you can’t see it.)

I know I had other stuff to rattle on about, but I don’t remember but they were.  Oh well.


4 thoughts on “One of “those” posts

  1. I like this theme, too. It is a clean, light-coloured and stylish.

    I agree on your dislike of black backgrounds. I usually skip themes with dark backgrounds because I think text is not that easily readable in them.

  2. Glad you two like it! It actually won a big “theme competition” way back when WordPress version 1.5 first introduced the whole various designs/themes concept. The theme has been updated to allow some of the newer bells and whistles.

    Good to know about subscribing to comments, Natalie. This blog uses version 2.7 (the latest) whereas SciFi Chicks runs on a slightly older version. Guess I’ll need to try to update that platform this weekend. 🙂

  3. A sign of how absent-minded I am is that I didn’t notice that we can subscribe to comments. 😳 My only excuse is that I’m overworked and, therefore, tired right now.

    I installed version 2.7 on and subscribing to comments is not a feature that comes with it, though it has interesting extra features if compared to previous versions. You have to install a plugin to allow users to subscribe to comments.

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