The Unofficial Season 3 Companion

For its first two seasons, the tv show Supernatural had “Official Companion” books published.  Like other “Official Companion” books, it’s not particularly well written and it even contains errors.   However, it does contain interviews with stars and producers, so it is sanctioned by the powers that be.

I realized this morning there is not a companion book for season 3.  So I thought, why not write the Unofficial Season 3 Companion?  What with the writers strike, the shortened season and the introduction of two controversial figures, the possibilities for snark are endless!   (Dang, I wish I’d have thought of this last October.  I could have written it for NaNoWriMo.  [Can you write  3200 words about one episode?])

So, I have decided that my winter project will be to write Supernatural: teh Unofficial  Companion.   (Yeah, I think I might keep the “teh” typo.)  Perhaps it will keep me off the streets and out of trouble.  Or it will generate a whole set of troubles of its own.   (At least it might help me get out of my winter blues funk.)  Although I won’t have interviews or insider insights, I’m sure such a work could be entertaining, even if no one else thinks so.

Ack!  I just checked Amazon and the Season 3 companion is due to be released on March 1 (which happens to be Jensen Ackles’ birthday).  So what.  I’m sure there’s a big enough market for two books.

Speaking of Jensen Ackles, his movie My Bloody Valentine 3D wasn’t available for reviewers’ screening (um, is it really that bad?),  so today’s Washington Post has nothing about it.    I’m still debating about whether to see it or not.  I have a 4 day weekend coming up (Martin Luther King birthday and the inauguration—we Washington, DC drones get the day off) so I could go to an early weekday show.  I haven’t talked to either of the 2 people who might just possibly be game to see it with me.  At this point they may likely have other plans already; or I have misjudged them and they simply have no desire to see a slasher film, regardless of cool, new technology used.   So, as usual, I may have to go alone.  😦  Of course, I’d be sure to dress in disguise, lest anyone recognize me.


6 thoughts on “The Unofficial Season 3 Companion

  1. I think your unofficial companion would be awesome, mostly because I like your brand of snark. 🙂

    I’m not worried about the lack of screening for reviewers for MBV3D. It’s happening A LOT lately. I have various unformed (or not fully formed) opinions on why that might be. I often enjoy the movies anyway.

    But more importantly, I expect MBV3D to totally suck spoiled eggs, and I don’t care! LOL

  2. I might go for your unofficial companion, Gail. I like your brand of snark and since you don’t need to seek the approval of Supernatural cast and crew to write and possibly publish it, you would be free to say whatever you want about the show.

  3. Hmm. I heard something about Lionsgate wanting reviewers to not publish their reviews before the release, for some reason. So there have been screenings apparently, but the people writing the reviews had to sit on them until the last minute.

    Four day weekend–lucky duck! I bet you’ll be glad you don’t have to go out in the inauguration day madness, unless you choose to. Enjoy!

  4. Hey, thsnks for mentioning the “unofficial companion.” I’d already forgotten about it. (ADD totally at work, here!)

    Natalie, so I take it you’re going to see MBV3D? Well, we do have our priorities, don’t we. Jensen Ackles in 3D vs. bloody gore. Hmm? I guess JA in 3D wins. (Bonus of gratuitous nudity and bouncing breasts in 3D, from what I’ve heard.) If you do see it, let me know if you think I can withstand the gore. Of course, I always have my hands to hide behind.

    Francesca, actually, the Supernatural powers that be are so cool, they’d probably approve of the snark. From all accounts, it’s a really terrific cast & crew to work with.

    Sue, yes, I am a lucky duck. We always get inauguration off, unless it occurs on a weekend. They are expecting record crowds and all bridges into DC will be closed except for certain vehicles. Oh, and the bars are all staying open until 4a.m. for the entire 4 days. And no, I will not be frequenting them. 😉

  5. Oh, it is very good to hear that the Supernatural powers that be are so cool, they’d probably approve of the snark.

    I wonder if this coolness has to do with SciFi… I have a friend who is into Farscape – so much so that she went to conventions – and she keeps telling me about how cool Farscape cast and crew are. I’ve never ventured into SciFi enough to check.

    Unfortunately, my interest in SciFi series has never raised enough as to follow any of them with any regularity. At the moment, I’m caught up in Criminal Minds; I think it is the profiling part of it that fascinates me.

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