Image handling demo

Craig Horner as Richard Cypher and Bridget Regan as Confessor Kahlan Amnell

Craig Horner as Richard Cypher and Bridget Regan as Confessor Kahlan Amnell

Have I told you about my latest obsession?  It’s called Legend of the Seeker, and it’s a first-run scripted syndicated tv program.  (You have to now put “first-run” in the description to separate it from reruns of old tv shows; and you have to say “scripted” to tell it apart from the non-scripted syndicated programs like Judge Judy [is she even still on?])  It’s based on the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind, about Richard Cypher, an ordinary young man who is suddenly named the Seeker and must kill the darkest evil the world has ever seen.

But that’s not the reason I write about it here.  The reason is to see how any of the WordPress themes available on treat pictures.  You see, I’m having a booger of a time getting the images to align as I’d like.   I found that the hanling of images had changed with WP 2.5.  The good news is the new code fixes that problem,  but only when there isn’t a caption with the image.   So, I’m going to go through the various themes here to see if any of them work the way I want them too.   Because the darned WP theme viewer has hundreds of thousands of themes, and I am not inclined to go through the whole freakin’ list.


2 thoughts on “Image handling demo

  1. I must watch out for Legend of the Seeker, as it sound like I may like it. The concept reminds me a bit of The Lord of the Rings (and here it must the English literature major in me that surfaces).

    I can relate to the problem of finding a theme that works just like you wish. I have the same problem and I’m starting to feel like I’m spending too much time in the search for the perfect theme. I guess I should really learn to design my own theme.

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