iPod success!

Yes, I’m going to discuss my obsession with Legend of the Seeker again.  I promise this will be the last post about it for awhile.

I didn’t become obsessed with the series until about the 8th episode.  Which means I’d erased all the episodes that had been on my DVR.  And since it’s months until the DVDs come out, and I am not a patient person, I bought a season pass from iTunes.  But, how was I to watch the episodes on my television?  You cannot make DVDs from iTunes movies.  (Which seems weird considering you can burn CDs all day long.)

I checked the iPod user manuals and sure enough, there is a way.  I bough a $50 cable from Apple and even paid $10 for 2-day shipping.  I hooked up the iPod to the tv and… nada.  😦  So I rechecked the manuals. I had purchased the wrong cable.  The cable I bought works with the iPod classic 6th generation and connects from the “dock connector” to the component inputs on the tv.  I have an iPod classic 5.5 gen.  Its cable connects from earplug port to the composite inputs of the tv.

But Apple doesn’t sell that cable anymore.  So I went to Amazon to see what I could find.  The cable is available from several “2nd hand” retailers, so I ordered one.  It cost me a whopping $.94.  Yes, that’s 94 cents.  The cable arrived earlier this week.  I hooked the iPod to the tv, and… nada.  That night (lying in bed) I realized I forgot to change the iPod’s video settings to “video out.”  Next morning, I tried it, and got my video!  Yay!  But no sound.  Boo.

So, last night I gave it one more go.  Turns out I have to bring the iPod’s volume all the way up to max.  But, I got to watch Legend of the Seeker‘s 2-hour pilot in widescreen!  I’m so happy.

Moral of the story?  Fourth time’s a charm.


One thought on “iPod success!

  1. The impossibility to make DVDs from them is the reason why I’ve never bought movies from iTunes. It was only very recently that I bought a TV that I can hook my iPod to, so using my iPod to watch iTunes movies on my TV wasn’t an option till not long ago, and even if I can now, I’m not sure I want to go through the hassle necessary to do it.

    Anyway, I’m happy you managed to watch the episode of the Legend of the Seeker you wanted to watch.

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