Focus, Gail!

I have this problem.  I get an idea, mention it, get tons of postitive responses, get another idea, start working on idea #2.  Etc, etc.

Every year, Supernatural comes out with an Official Season Companion.  But there wasn’t one for season 3.  So I decided to write the Unofficial Season 3 Companion.  (Even though I did find out the official one is coming out in early March.)  Several people thought it was a great idea.

So what happened?  After the meagerest of beginnings, I turned my attention to creating an LOLcats website for Supernatural and Legend of the Seeker.  Turns out it had already been done for Supernatural.  So I putzed around with LotS without really going anywhere.  And then, last night I remembered the season companion idea.

So, I am going to concentrate on writing synopses and commentary for Supernatural‘s worst season.   Look for bits and pieces of the Supernatural:  The Unofficial Season 3 Companion coming to my blog.


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