Bah. And bah again.

I’m sure glad I bought a bottle of wine this weekend.  I think I’ll drink it up tonight.

Yeah, it’s been one of those days.  I’d already been feeling the pinch at Sci Fi Chicks, and one of the authors pulled out today.  I’m bummed.  And at work, we had a briefing/VTC (video conference) this afternoon.  I told the presenter how to keep it simple.  (I know these things because I have been a military briefer and instructor, and I know what works and what doesn’t.)  Did he follow my advice?  Noooo.  And the general officer got confused.  Then the boss got something wrong.  I think I let something slip out, and shook my head violently; but I was sitting in the back, so no one of importance saw me.  Oh well.  When we got to the slide that contradicted what the boss said, I was satisfied I’d read it right.  Of course, the guys didn’t put the two together and associate what had been said with this slide, so bah.

About the wine:  I bought the wine because I switched cookbooks.  For some reason Saving Dinner the Lo-Carb Way just didn’t mesh with me.  I’d been keeping the book because the author had some great tips on fixing vegetables (braising cabbage, sauteing spinach, making rutabaga fries), but I just couldn’t get into the recipes.  So it’s now in the box destined for Goodwill.

In its stead, I have started using the American Heart Association Cookbook.  I’ve used this cookbook before and lost weight.  (Of course, I was much younger then, but I also wasn’t this heavy.)   The “problem” with the AHA cookbook is that several recipes include wine.  And they don’t recommend cooking wine because of the salt and other junk in it.

Well, not to worry.  After tonight, I won’t have any wine left over to tempt me later in the week. 😉


7 thoughts on “Bah. And bah again.

    • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I totally understand your reason for pulling out. Please remember, I’m not mad! And not annoyed with you. We’ll get through this.

  1. I’m sorry to hear you pulled out of SciFi Chicks, Natalie, because I liked reading your reviews there, but I’m sure you have your good reasons for pulling out.

    Wine. I use wine in several of my recipes. Do you think I’m getting poisoned? 😉

    • Aw, thank you, Francesca, that’s so nice of you to say. I pulled out because I haven’t been able to keep up with the shows (I’m five episodes behind on Kyle XY!) and it’s not fair to welch on the commitment. I don’t see it improving, so I had to “resign.” It’s not fair to stay when I’m so bad.

      • I see. I would have likely made your same decision, if I couldn’t keep up anymore with a show I am supposed (expected?) to write reviews on.

        Actually, I have to admit that I let episodes pile up to watch only when I start losing my enthusiasm for a show. If I really like a show, I’m usually no more than a couple of episodes behind (and this usually happens when I leave on vacation or there is the occasional week when I’m home, but I’m so busy that I don’t have the time or I’m too tired even to watch my favorite shows).

        Lost is an example of a show that I watched regularly for its first two seasons, then I gradually let go till I couldn’t understand anything of what was going on and completely gave up watching it.

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