Stand And Deliver.  Search And Destroy.  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Yeah, that last one would be me.  I have a Happy Light (yes, that’s its trade name), but I was feeling so good up to the holidays, I didn’t need it.  Besides, it was somewhere in my messiest room, the one I can’t walk into.  I did a meager search from the doorway, but didn’t see it.

But I’ve been noticing that I’ve become more and more depressed since the start of 2009.   So last Saturday, I was “ordered” to find the Happy Light on Sunday.  I was able to make a path into the room (I really have to find a better container for my Christmas stuff), but still couldn’t find the darn thing.

So I thought, maybe I put it in the other clutter room.  Yep.  It was there, in the closet.  Nice to know I actually placed it somewhere and didn’t just throw it on a pile.  And even better, I actually used it Sunday evening.  I’d say things are looking up, but work is still as crappy as ever.  Even crappier for the Army folks I work with.


2 thoughts on “S.A.D.

  1. I must look for a Happy Light to purchase. I think I can do with one to cope with the occasional S.A.D. moment.

    Hope your feeling depressed won’t last long, Gail.

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