The week that was, the month that will be

When I went to bed a few nights ago, I couldn’t remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday.  I thought it was Tuesday, but the video conference I accidentally disconnected us from occurred on Tuesday, but I remembered the incident as happening the day prior.  The next night I kept thinking I might check out the Smallville, but the tv schedule insisted it was Wednesday, not Thursday.  So are you confused?  Yeah, me too.  It was just that kind of week.

Last night I watched a couple shows I need to write up for Sci Fi Chicks.  But my brain has decided to stop functioning and I have no idea where to start.  Well, actually I do have an idea for Life on Mars.  And I have an idea for Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles; I just can’t get the the thoughts from brain to fingers.

Perhaps I’ll be inspired by my new coffee maker.  It’s one of those Keurig 1-cup-at-a-time machines.  I think they’re overpriced, but I did the math, and it is cheaper than buying 1-2 cups of coffee from the snack store at work every day.  I’ve tried brewing my own coffee at home and taking it to work, but I make a really lousy cup of coffee.

Tomorrow is a new month and a new NaBloPoMo.  The theme for March is “giving (up).”  Since much of what I’m trying to write about is giving up crappy eating habits, perhaps I’ll be inspired to participate this month.

And I think it’s time for a new theme.

Yeah, that’s just how disjointed my brain is today.


One thought on “The week that was, the month that will be

  1. Sometimes I wake up in the morning wondering which day it is.

    I absolutely love coffee and I have coffee makers of every shape and size; I use my 1-cup-at-a-time machine quite a lot.

    Good luck with your writing, Gail.

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