I hate the 1st day of Daylight Savings Time

First of all, I have to change my alarm clock, which automatically changes for Daylight Savings Time—except it’s the old, pre-Congress interference DST.  Which means I’ll have to change it back on the first Sunday in April when it springs ahead all by itself.

Secondly, it screws up people’s biological rhythm  (I don’t want to say biological clock, because that has a different meaning).  I know there’s a word for what I’m talking about, but because mine is screwed up right now, I can’t think of it.  Studies show a greater than average number of car accidents occur this week.

Thirdly, I lost my purse today.  Actually, I think it was stolen because I know where I left it.  I went back to find it a mere 10 minutes later and it was gone.  I checked in the grocery store, but no one had turned it in.  And no one has called me to tell me it’s recovered.

The bad news is I’ve lost my ID (driver’s license), credit cards, ATM card, health cards, library card, and over $100 (but less than $200) cash.  I’ve stopped the credit cards, but I have no cash.  Oh wait.  I do have a shit-load of change, some even in rolls.  I bet I even have enough to order therapeutic pizza and chocolate cake for dinner tonight.  But I won’t.

The good news: it was my least favorite purse, my keys were in my pocket, my badges that allow me into work (I have 4 of them—yes, I am that important.  Only, not.) are in my work bag, and my checkbook is at home.  And, I got my hair done yesterday, so if I need to have a new picture for my driver’s license, it won’t look too bad.  I hope.  I’m not terribly photogenic, so it’s always a crap-shoot.  I really like the current picture on my drivers license , even though it’s gotta be over 12 years old (and 40 pounds lighter).

In other news, I spoke with Benjamin Bratt‘s attorney Friday evening.  It was a very nice conversation.  Honest!


2 thoughts on “I hate the 1st day of Daylight Savings Time

  1. I’m sorry to hear your purse was stolen. I hope it will be recovered, if not else so that you can avoid the hassle of having new documents issued.

    When I read the title of your post, I kind of panicked, wondering how I could have missed the arrival of DST (BTW, Europe changes to DTS one week earlier than the USA). But I immediately thought that it was not possible that we have already changed to DTS, I worked today and I would have screwed up if I were one hour behind time.

    If you want a report on my day today, I left at 5 am to Milan Malpensa airport (Sundays at the airport. Can’t you just feel the love?) where I spent the whole day, welcoming participants to an international seminar and “putting” them on their shuttle buses to their hotels.

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