Frazzle razzle

So, I had to take the day off to take care of a bunch of things.  You know, like license, money, etc.

The one thing I’d forgotten about was the cell phone.  I called Verizon this morning and turns out the asshole used it last night.  I ordered a new phone, but had to pay a higher price since my 2 year plan is nowhere near complete.  But the customer rep gave me a 1-year price.  The phone is nothing fancy, but it has a 2 megapixel camera.  Of course, since I have no money right now, I wasn’t sure how to pay for it.  They just put it on my bill.

I went to the DMV to get a new license.  I had to get a new photo.  😦  It’s not bad, but it’s all that good either.  When I had to date one of the forms, I couldn’t remember the date.  I thought it was the 9th, but couldn’t remember the month.  I thought it was something like September.  Holy freakin’ cow!  Then I had to pay $10.  It’s a good thing I grabbed a roll of quarters on the way out the door.  I plunked it down on the counter and the guy looked at it and whined, “But I have to count them.”  So I whined back, “My purse was stolen.  I have no cash.”  (I guess I should have taken my checkbook.)

Then I went to pick up 2 pairs of new glasses.  Only it seems I ordered just one pair.  The frivolous pair.  I couldn’t order another pair, because… hello!.. I have no cash.  Besides, I really don’t like the place. I’ll be going elsewhere for all my eye needs from now on.

Last stop was to the bank where I had an additional checking account.  (I’d started it when I thought I was going to do the Mary Kay thing.  But holy cow!  It’s high maintenance being a Mary Kay rep.  And I am not a high-maintenance gal.  And the rules of decorum are nearly as strick  as the military.)  I’d been meaning to close it for a long time, but never got to it.  Of course, the impetus this time was to get some cash.  But now that I have a bit of cash, I have no wallet to put it in.  Gah.


12 thoughts on “Frazzle razzle

  1. I can remember that I was stolen my bag 10 years ago and what drove me really mad was that I had to change my home front and back door locks, because I had my keys in the bag as well as my ID with my address marked on it.

    Gail, you have all my sympathies in this period which doesn’t seem to be the easiest for you.

  2. I was really fortunate because my keys were in my pocket.

    I almost had my purse stolen on a business trip to Italy. It was the last night of our visit and it scared the crap out of me. I thought how would I be able to get home since the purse had all my international IDs.

  3. I remember that a participant to an international study tour to my home town preschools, an American participant had her purse stolen and her passport along with it. I went with her to the police to report the theft and then we went to Milan to the US Consulate General in Milan and she had a new passport issued.

    I usually travel with two IDs, my identity card and my passport, and when I reach my destination, I keep one on me and the other stays at my accommodation.

  4. This is a frightening, infuriating, frustrating thing, and I *hug* you. 😦 But I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

    Comment on new theme–it doesn’t show the date of the posts! (I suppose that could be my computer…)

  5. The self-hosted blog version of WordPress sets the threaded comments to go 5 level deep by default.

    Personally, I am with Natalie and think that communication is more important than aesthetics. However, there are themes where threaded comments look better than in other, so I guess one should choose one’s theme well. Hmm, I definitely see why this whole idea of themes and stuff is aggravating.

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