How many angels fit?

I didn’t want to disturb the Supernatural March Madness tournament of episodes at my LiveJournal blog, so I thought I’d put my thoughts of this week’s episode, “On the Head of a Pin,” here.

My Supernatural fannishness had sort of waned in recent weeks.  I don’t think it was because the episodes where bad.  They weren’t.  Perhaps it was I didn’t like where Sammy the story was going.  Then, when I saw a preview of Sam sucking demon blood  I was  really not looking forward to this episode.

But wow.   Just.  Wow.  Lots of questions answered.

  1. Why the crossroads demon told Sam they had the Winchesters exactly where they wanted them.  Why they wanted Dean in hell.  Why they wanted Sammy suffering in this world.  Dean to begin the apocalypse (like the guy doesn’t have enough issues already), and Sam to begin his descent into… being addicted to demon blood?
  2. What Sam and Ruby have been doing when they slip away in Ruby’s ugly yellow car.  For all his whining of “I have demon blood in me, Dean!” Sam doesn’t seem to mind getting more of it.   So this is how he’s becoming more powerful.
  3. Ruby does have ulterior motives!  She wants Sam dependent on her, and it looks like she’s getting her way.  As to what she wants to do with Sam, I don’t know, but I doubt it’s anything good.  Bitch.
  4. Why Dean was “rescued” by the angels.  Interesting that the angels were trying to get to him before he jumped off the rack, but he was too well hidden.  Those damn minions of hell!

But you know what I loved?  Sam’s whole-hearted concern for Dean.  He knows Dean’s not as strong as he used to be (not sure how that has been shown, other than Dean’s tearful confessions), but I’ll take Sam’s word for it.  After all, it was said with concern and love.

Say what you will about Sam’s powers, Sam rescued Dean when the Castiel couldn’t.  Heck, he even rescued Castiel.  And his fury at Castiel for putting Dean in the beat to a bloody pulp—”Miracle!  Now!“—was heartening.  Of course, Castiel didn’t give Dean a miracle.  Oh no.  Instead he lays more guilt on the guy.  What an “angel.”


2 thoughts on “How many angels fit?

  1. I found it really interesting that Sam claimed the blood-drinking thing was the last thing he wanted to do, but when the moment arrived, he was quite enthusiastic. Now if we can just get to the point of what Ruby wants. Besides Sam under her thumb.

    I’m theorizing that Sam has spent a lot of time watching Dean since he came back, as well as listening to him, and thus knows Dean’s weakness without it being specifically stated. He has been studying Dean since he was four, after all, as he said in “Fresh Blood” last season in the “just cuz” scene.

  2. I think Sam cares about Dean and I was heartened by his earnestness, but I think he was wrong about him not being strong enough. He said Dean can’t do it–but Dean did. And he wasn’t even close to finished, even after he heard about the seal. He was about to turn it up to 11, but Alistair was off the rack.

    So…I guess I think the bottom line is that both boys have to stop protecting each other and just be partners. Yeah. That.

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