Yay for Thursday!

Yay it’s Thursday!  It’s almost Friday! New Supernatural tonight!  New theme!  Last week’s  Supernatural episode (or was it the week before?) was so dark and depressing, I felt like a darkish theme.  I’m back to going “in order.”

Ah, Supernatural.  After last week’s heavy show, what do we get tonight?  A light-hearted, humorous one.  When I first saw the previews for it, I was a little unnerved.  It wasn’t something I was expecting.  But I can see why they’d do it now.  The last 3 episodes have been pretty dark, so it’s time for a bright, light one.

But will it really be light?  I’m thinking after the shocking news Dean got last week, and his broken spirit (not mention the episode’s title, “It’s a Terrible Live”), the set-up might be something similar to It’s a Wonderful Life.  You know, angel shows distraught man what life would be like without him.  We already have the distraught man and the angel, so is it a stretch to think it might really be a continuation of last week’s show?  I think not.  (Oh.  Maybe it is a stretch, since Dean is in this episode, whereas George Bailey was not in his alternate universe.  Ok, how about I change that to “distraught man wishes he was someone else and angel grants his wish”?)

I wish I’d taken tomorrow off, so I could join Natalie’s chat session after the show.  The one time I’d had the opportunity to chat, the episode didn’t move me to gush (or gripe).  I can’t even remember which episode it was.

Oh gosh!  And I need to get a new header for this theme.  SupernaturalLegend of the Seeker?  Cherry blossoms?  Cats?  Frog fountain?  The possibilities are endless.


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